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Become a Research Associate

As a Research Associate for Casebank, you will use Casedo to compile Casefiles that identify key comments, analyse a judge’s ratio and obiter remarks, and evaluate their decisions. You have complete discretion over which cases you wish to work on, and how many you wish to do. You simply pick your case, download Casedo, and get to work.

Sign up here

To sign up as Casebank Research Associate, follow the link below which will show you how to Submit a Casefile, you will sign up as part of the submission process.

Become a Research Associate when you Submit a Casefile


Casebank Research Associates are under no obligation to complete a certain number of case files. You may complete as many as you wish, and begin them when you wish. 

However, to ensure fair access, we require all Casefiles to be completed within 2 weeks of your application being approved. Late submission may result in the Casefile being rejected.

When compiling a Casefile you must also adhere to the Casebank Formatting Policy, which can be found on our website.