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What is Casebank?
Casebank is a knowledge base of the essential student cases, annotated by experts to ensure that you can understand, apply and analyse them yourself. Every case, whether it be Criminal, Contract, or EU, has been diligently and practically explained in an easy to follow fashion to ensure full comprehension.
What are Casefiles?
A Casefile consists of the judgement of a particular case and a headnote outlining its facts, issue, decision and significance. Every judgement has been analysed and annotated by our research associates to highlight comments of particular importance and to explain their meaning and importance, both to the case itself and the wider legal system. You must have Casedo in order to open a Casefile.
Who can download Casefiles from Casebank?
Anyone can download any of our Casefiles. All you have to do is download Casedo and set yourself up with a 30-day free trial. Then you are ready to go!
Why can’t I open the Casefile I’ve downloaded?
There are two probable reasons for not being able to open the Casefile you have downloaded:
1. You haven’t yet installed Casedo.
2. There is a technical issue with your Casefile. Contact Casedo Support.
What is Casedo?
Casedo is the software application used to create and read the Casefiles submitted to Casebank. For more information read this article.
Where can I find further support?
If you need any further assistance or support with Casebank, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.