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Read a Casefile

Casebank Casefiles are created to a strict standardised format. This is intended to make them easy to navigate.

The headnote will provide a summary of the facts, issue, and ratio. All of these key headings are linked to their locations in the judgement. For a brief but efficient understanding of the case and its key points, this is where to look. 

We would advise reading the headnote before the case, as this will then inform you of what to look for and enable you to gain a better understanding of the judges’ decisions.

For greater detail, examine the entire judgement. Points to note are highlighted throughout the judgement with comments to explain their meaning and significance. Crucial points within the case are bookmarked.

Different points of interest within the judgement are colour coded on the left hand side:

  • Facts – Yellow
  • Issue – Green
  • Ratio and comments that contribute to it – Light blue (may be more than one ratio that will be a separate colour)
  • Beginning of a judge’s individual decision – Dark Blue
  • Criticisms of the judgement – Red

There is also a table of annotations that outlines, and has links for, every bookmark, highlight, and comment within the case.

If you have any questions or comments, or think that further additions should be made, please do not hesitate to get in contact.