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Submit a Casefile

Casebank is a service that relies on quality submissions of marked up Casefiles by legal professionals and legal students. Submissions are invited and delivered to a tight rubric and then quality controlled twice before being published. If you would like to submit to Casebank, please read the following information carefully.

In order to submit a case to Casebank you will need to follow these steps (outlined in more detail below):

  1. Choose a case from the list below that you would like to submit to use.
  2. Contact us for confirmation that that case is not already being worked on.
  3. Create the annotation Casefile using Casedo [Link].
  4. Submit all relevant documents using the form below.

See the list of available cases in the form below

1. Choose an available case to annotate and then contact the Casebank team

Before you start on the case you have chosen, you MUST contact us to confirm your choice.

First choose a case from the list below, then fill in the form below and tell us which case you have chosen. DON’T make a start on the case until we have confirmed your choice (it may be that someone has already started on that case).

Choose ONE of the following cases. We have sorted them into topics for you.
– Pao On v. Lau Yiu Long [1979]
– MWB v. Rock Advertising Ltd [2018]
– The Sibeon and the Sibotre [1976]
– Arnold v. Britton [2015]
– Rainy Sky SA v. Kookmin Bank [2011]
– Parker v. South Eastern Railway [1877]
– Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977
– Consumer Rights Act 2015
– Davis Contractors v. Fareham Urban District Council [1956]
– Taylor v. Caldwell [1863]
– Robinson v. Harman [1848]

– Sexual Offences Act 2003
– R v. Bingham [2013]
– R v. Miller [1983]
– R v. Kennedy (No.2) [2007]
– R v. Pagett [1983]
– Offences Against the Person Act 1861
– R v. Ireland [1997]
– R v. Woollin [1999]
– Airedale NHS Trust v. Bland [1993]
– R v. Rose [2017]
– R v. Adomako [1995]
– R v. Evans [2009]
– R v. ABCD [2010]
– R v. Jogee [2016]

– R (Jackson) v. Attorney General [2005]
– R (on the application of HS2 Action Alliance Limited) v. Secretary of State for Transport [2014]
– R (Miller) v. The Prime Minister [2020]
– R (Factortame Ltd) v. Secretary of State for Transport (No 2) [2000]
Click the cross on the left to open the contact form.

2. Create the annotated Casefile

Once you have received confirmation from the Casebank team, you can create your annotated Casefile.

Before you start

  1. Make sure you have installed Casedo.
  2. Download and take a look at this Casefile to give you a good idea of how to proceed.
  3. Read the case thoroughly and read the Casebank Formatting Policy before you start.

3. Submit all relevant documents using the form below.

Once you’ve finished creating your annotated Casefile, submit it to us. Click the cross on the left to open the contact form.

4. We’ll contact you soon regarding your submission.

We may have questions, or need some clarity on some points.