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What is Casedo?

Casedo is a document analysis and research tool used by barristers and solicitors to replicate digitally the process of using a working paper bundle.

In fact, Casedo was invented and designed by a law student when they realised that the tools they’d had available in their previous career where not available, in equivalent form, in law.

That law student, Ross Birkbeck, is now a practising tax barrister and Head of Product & Casedo Inventor at Casedo.

Casedo is extremely well suited to the creation and use of working digital bundles, because that is what it was designed for. Alongside legal professionals it continues to be used for all mooting competitions for University College London.

Casedo has funded the creation of Casebank to give law students free access to a growing archive of important cases, fully marked-up for further research.

Casedo is free to try for 30 days.

Anyone who has at least five submissions published on Casebank will receive a full Casedo licence, free of charge, for a year.

In order to submit to Casebank, you will need to download Casedo (for Mac or PC) and sign up for a licence (Free or Paid for).