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Why Become a Research Associate

As a Research Associate for Casebank, you will use Casedo to compile Casefiles that identify key comments, analyse a judge’s ratio and obiter remarks, and evaluate their decisions. You have complete discretion over which cases you wish to work on, and how many you wish to do. You simply pick your case, download Casedo, and get to work.

Why become a Casebank Research Associate?

There are many reasons to become a Research Associate at Casebank:

  • Looks great on your CV
    • Research roles are highly valued by any employer, legal or not. The ability to process and distill complex information, interact with innovative legal technology, and provide concise and easy to understand directions are all desirable traits exhibited by acting as a Casebank Research Associate.
  • Complements your own learning
    • In analysing a case, you are able to better understand and apply its various points. You might even spot something you had not noticed previously.
  • Low-stress
    • Becoming a Research Associate is the ideal work experience opportunity.
      • You are analysing cases that you have studied already. Therefore, you have already got past the hard part.
      • You can work when you choose. If you have some free time, you can sign up to complete a casefile. If you are busy, you can save it for another time.


Casebank Research Associates are under no obligation to complete a certain number of case files. You may complete as many as you wish, and begin them when you wish. 

However, to ensure fair access, we require all Casefiles to be completed within 2 weeks of your application being approved. Late submission may result in the Casefile being rejected.

When compiling a Casefile you must also adhere to the Casebank Formatting Policy, which can be found on our website.


The more case files you complete, the higher your rank as a research associate will be.

  • Bronze – Complete 1-3 cases
  • Silver – Complete 3-5 cases
  • Gold – Complete 5-10 cases
  • Platinum – Complete 10-15 cases
  • Diamond – Complete 15+ cases

As a bonus, if you complete 5 or more cases you will receive a year long Casedo student license for free!


To begin with, Research Associates will use a 30 day Casedo Trial License. This gives you full access to Casedo’s innovative software in order to compile your Casefiles.

If you have any queries on how to use the service, either follow Casedo’s tutorial videos that are located on their website, or send your questions to a member of the Casebank team who will be happy to assist you.

Casedo Tutorials: https://www.casedo.com/learn/